Welcome to Agape Moms!

We are a tribe of women who are seeking after Jesus as we navigate motherhood together. In our family, you’ll be ENCOURAGED, not in competition, EMPOWERED, not just getting by, and EMBRACED, regardless of your performance.

As we bring everything back to the gospel, it unleashes us to live lives of purpose for God in everyday, messy mom-life. We welcome moms into our tribe who don’t yet know Jesus, we care for each other like family in the highs and lows of life, and we continually experience the gospel bearing fruit in and through us, together on mission for Jesus.

 *Agape love is God's unconditional love for us and the unconditional love we can have for each other in Jesus- this is the heartbeat of Agape Moms.* 

This website exists to equip moms to make disciples as they go about everyday, messy mom-life.

While we aren't a substitute for rooting yourself in a fuller expression of the church, which we hope to eventually bring moms back into, we also believe that the church is not a building, it’s people, and so when we gather together, we strive to embody the same values and activities that the early church did in Acts.

We are a safe place for moms to come explore Jesus and how he makes all the difference in the world, maybe for the first time, for the first time in a long time, or for the first time finding a group of believing women who truly love each other with the unconditional agape love of God. 

We are also a safe place for you to grow into the fullness of who God created you to be. Agape Moms gives you an environment to live out Christ’s call for each of us to make disciples, as you are going about everyday, messy mom-life, while plugging in your gifts into the Agape Moms tribe, and living out the story God has already written for you. 

Our prayer is to be a bridge between formal church gatherings on Sundays, and the daily messy and dark mom world, one where many moms are left alone with the challenge of raising tiny humans. God didn't create us to do life alone, he wired us for community. Plus, we don't know how momin' is possible without a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus, and we've got both covered at Agape Moms!

We mean it when we say "bring your mess", there's no pretending or performing with us because we've found our answer in Jesus, not in ourselves, and we are kind of obsessed with sharing this news! 

Jesus is the hope we are all so desperately searching for at every corner of the messy and sometimes dark mom world. Whether we seem pretty put together, or are an open book hotmess, our souls long for what only Jesus can fill. Living in the mom trenches alone is hard enough, but we believe finding a mom-tribe isn't enough, it's all about knowing Jesus and making Him known together. Will you join us?

Make yourself at home on our website, but we pray that you will find a way to make Agape Moms a part of your daily life. While you're on the website, begin with the "about" drop down menu, and learn more about who we are. Checkout the "find an Agape Moms" tab if you are looking to connect locally. You won't want to miss the Agape Moms Community Blog where you'll hear from Agape Moms from across the country and undoubtedly feel like you're not alone in the challenges you face as a mom, and will be sure to be pointed back to Jesus at every turn.

If God is stirring your heart to launch a new Agape Moms, creating space for moms around you to have a tribe to grow together in the gospel, then click on the "start an Agape Moms" dropdown menu where you'll be walked through a training series, one step at a time. In the months after launch, return to the "equip your Agape Moms" drop down menu for continued help along the way. We're always a message away if you need prayer, to talk or are ready to register your new group with the Agape Moms Family Network, don't hesitate to message us! 


Meet Laura DiLeonardi Founder of Agape Moms

Laura is married to her Bible-college sweetheart of almost 10 years, has three kiddos, and is a self-professed "hotmess rescued by Jesus." Laura's passion is seeing lives continually transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus radically transformed her life in high school, and sent her on a wild ride of loving God and others ever since. Since graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a BA in ministry in 2008, she's been part of various ministries, served in multiple leadership positions, and most recently, took the vision that God gave her for her local Agape Moms and put it into website form. Her mission here is inspiring moms to make disciples as they go about everyday, messy mom-life.