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Discover God’s Word

The Bible is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, and yet tragically, women often rely on watered-down, insta-memes for their source of God’s truth, when they could have the whole package deal! It’s like leaving a gorgeous feast sitting on the table to grab a drive-through meal. Food is food, right? Not exactly. It matters where we get our truth, how it’s harvested, who shares it with us, and that ultimately we establish a self-sustaining relationship with God that has ever deepening roots. 

The vision behind creating this printable was to equip the everyday mom to study and apply God’s Word, and then turn around and teach our children and others to do the same. This is the essence of discipleship!

God’s Word is without error in the original manuscripts and it’s our authority in knowing who God is, who we are and God’s big story of redemption through Jesus, woven throughout the entire narrative of the Bible. God’s Word encourages us, convicts us, and inspires us, so it’s pretty important that we know how to study and apply it!  

I believe that women have been sold short. We’ve been told or we believe the lie that we can’t study the Bible for ourselves and so we settle for so much less. Let’s reclaim this sacred ground, so that through our faithfulness, more disciples will be made, as we cultivate soil, plant seeds, tend to the plants as God makes them grow, and harvest- all for the glory of God!

While digging into God’s Word should be approached with humility and reverence, it’s not meant to be left to the “professionals” only.  Jesus Himself called and equipped the most regular of people, and He hasn’t changed. I want women everywhere to believe that God calls all of us into relationship and mission with Him, it is not just for a select few- and this is so exciting! 

Start with these simple guidelines as you open God’s Word by yourself, but don’t let it stop there. God designed us to unpack His word and walk it out together in community. Whether you gather with an Agape Moms group, your kids, or others, I pray this helps you experience the transforming beauty of God’s Word and Christ’s love for you!


kids repentance guide

Help your kids learn to deal with their sin in a gospel-centered way by bringing it back to Jesus and learning to rely on Him instead of ourselves. Ditch behavior modification techniques or even religious ones, which focus on trying harder in our own strength to be better. Instead help your kids learn to rely on Jesus, who will help them deal with the root of their behavior, which is their hearts. Ground them in the unconditional love of Christ and watch that propel grateful obedience, vs. fearful compliance, which is always seeking love and acceptance. This guide helps foster a lifestyle of bringing their sin to the cross and relying on Jesus, instead of themselves, moment by moment. Print and place this in a visible place where they can step away to evaluate their choices. It is a great addition to a “calming corner.”


Gifts with a Mission

Agape Moms’ mission is equipping moms to make disciples, as we live on mission in everyday, messy mom-life. The burden that God gave me to create these free printables is the same heart behind Agape Moms, and my prayer is that these would equip you to be and make disciples! Feel free to share and print away, but please link back to Agape Moms’ website or socials so that the labor of love to create these is honored and that more disciples will be made through this website for God’s glory!

Because of Jesus,

Laura DiLeonardi

Founder of Agape Moms