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If God is stirring your heart to create a space for you to make disciples and a safe space for moms to encounter Jesus for the first time, God may be calling you to begin your own Agape Moms. When you do, know that you won’t be doing it alone! Become part of something bigger than your local mama tribe, and become part of the Agape Moms Family Network! We would love nothing more than to link arms with you as we speak the gospel into everyday, messy mom-life!

To begin Agape Moms Training, hop over to the drop down menu "Start an Agape Moms" which includes a 7 week training series along with resources to help equip and prepare you to launch your own local Agape Moms. It is designed to be done one session, one week at a time. Be sure to take your time, digest the scripture and allow it all to be on God's timeline. Agape Moms’ mission is equipping moms to make disciples, and so that’s exactly what you can expect from our training, its 100% discipleship focused, and easy for you to repeat with your future Agape Moms servant leadership team when you take them through the same process.

When you register your new Agape Moms group with us, you'll receive our Agape Moms Family Network Perks.



  • We will promo your group! Your local Agape Moms group will be listed on our website directory with your bio and contact info, as well as promoted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will also create a Facebook group for your future Agape Moms that will be linked back to our Agape Moms Facebook page so that your group receives national visibility, and also linked back to our blog, socials and larger Agape Moms Family Network, helping your potential group members learn more about what Agape Moms is.

  • You receive the rights to be an Agape Moms. We gift you our logo and mission statement, but you must register with us on our website first.

  • You are gifted our Agape Moms Launch Packet that is jam packed with goodies like graphics, documents, training material and social media tips to help springboard your group, along with a post-training Launch Timeline.

  • You become Agape Moms Blog Contributors. Share the story God is writing in your local chapter of Agape Moms, have a mama share her Jesus-Centered story, share a gospel-centered post relating to motherhood, and more. Agape Moms can impact more lives for God's glory when we unite all of our stories in the form of a blog. We hope you will be a valuable voice in our family!

  • Ongoing equipping and encouragement from Agape Moms Family Network through our private Agape Moms Leaders Group and group training calls during the training season.

  • Future retreats or conferences where we will come together as the nationwide Agape Moms Family Network, whether we choose to attend an existing conference together, or meet-up for our own.


TO start training to launch an AGAPE MOMS

1.) Contact us

Please email us at You will receive our Welcome Email and Pre-Training Check List.

2.) Register and Start Training!

Once you register with us, you’ll receive the training password and be added to the Agape Moms Leaders Facebook group with other Agape Moms leaders in training across the country for further discussion, prayer and support in the weeks and years to come. If you’d like to have a personal coach who will walk you through the training and discuss each session, this is another option.

We can't wait to connect with you and help you along your journey of launching and growing your Agape Moms tribe. Please reach out with any preliminary questions, to brainstorm, have someone listen, pray with you or help you along the way. That's what this website was created for! 

Because of Jesus,

Laura DiLeonardi

Founder of Agape Moms

Agape Moms started as a very small group of moms living on mission for Jesus in local parks. Don’t underestimate the power and value of starting small!

Agape Moms started as a very small group of moms living on mission for Jesus in local parks. Don’t underestimate the power and value of starting small!