missional living

This session is shared with us by Jessica Hundley, former co-leader and current leader of the original Agape Moms in Lithia, FL. Jessica seamlessly took over as the new leader of Agape Moms after the founder, Laura, was transferred to Seattle suddenly for her husbands job. Because Laura and Jessica had been practicing shared leadership for quite some time, it really made this transition go so well. We wanted Jess to share her heart and wisdom for this training session to illustrate the importance of shared leadership and inviting others to own the vision and mission with you, as she continues to do so well.

Jessica has owned living on mission for Jesus in a big way in Agape Moms. No matter where she is, she is always telling others about Jesus, her Agape Moms tribe, and bringing new moms many weeks. She will be an excellent coach or resource for anyone wanting to grow in this area or who has more specific questions. Feel free to contact us at anytime and we will connect you with Jessica!


Missional Living is central to Agape Moms

  • Shows God’s love
  • Spreads the Gospel
  • Empowers disciples to create more disciples

Defining your mission field

  • Ask “Who is around me?”

  •  Use your surroundings and hobbies as opportunities to connect and build relationships
  •  Share the news of the gospel and your gospel centered group with the people you meet

As your missional group grows

  •     Keep the gospel front and center

  •     Find members with a heart for missional outreach
  •     Empower members to use their gifts and grow as leaders
  •     Shared leadership is key
  •     Stay connected with former members
  •    Don’t focus on numbers
  •    There’s ALWAYS an empty seat
  •    When your confidence wavers, remember it’s not about YOU… its about CHRIST in You!!! It’s his power that will carry you through!

Fueling the mission

  •      Jesus commands us to love others

  •      Loving leads to serving
  •      Motivated by a love of Christ and a gratefulness for his sacrifice and our salvation, NOT to earn our salvation

Missional Activities

  •        Meal trains to celebrate new babies or support sick mothers

  •        Care calendar for deeper needs
  •        Nursing home visits
  •        Baby item swap facebook group for members
  •        Item drives to meet immediate community needs
  •        Other needs as identified by group leaders and members
  •        Be flexible and adapt

Missional impact

  •        Has an eternal impact that can’t always be seen in the moment
  •        Shares the love of Christ
  •        Encourages and draws people in
  •        We serve as the hands and feet of Jesus
  •        Models kindness and service for our children

discussion questions:

  1. Put into your own words what living on mission for Jesus looks like for an everyday mom. 
  2. Since beginning this training series, how have your ideas about what your Christian lifestyle should look like changed? What heart and lifestyle changes have you started to make to live on mission for Jesus?
  3. Are there any specific things you feel God is asking you to do/go/say/signup for/quit/befriend/organize as you pursue living on mission for Jesus that you haven't yet? Invite your team to pray with you, especially as you pinpoint what is holding you back (fear, comfort, etc)
  4. Why is it so important to make sure the gospel fuels us to live on mission, instead of making the mission fueling our lives? How can focusing on mission more that the gospel become a false gospel, and ultimately, an unhealthy lifestyle or ministry? 


Jesus left the 99 to find the one lost sheep. He welcomed the prodigal home with open arms. He spent time with the sinners and outcasts of society. He ultimately died for us all. His love for us is unconditional, and it never stops pursuing us. We see this unfathomable love all over the pages of scripture, again and again, God makes a way for His people, ultimately in Jesus, paying our debt and restoring our broken relationship with God. 

God is not reckless, but certainly the way God loves is reckless because he never stops pursing and he even sent his son to die for broken sinners like you and me. As we sing this song, let us reflect on our undeserved salvation and relationship that we get to have with God because of Jesus. And then lets think about moms who still live without the hope of Jesus. As we worship out of own gratitude, lets also sing this song as an intercessory prayer over souls we know who have yet to embrace Jesus.