I'm ready to start Agape moms training, what do I do next? 

1.) Contact Agape Moms so we can get you connected with a coach to come alongside you during this 7 week training period (or longer if you’d like to spread it out more!) We have seen others try and navigate our online training on their own, and they get stuck, especially when they don’t have a line of communication to process launching an Agape Moms. It is our pleasure to pray with you, cheer you on, and come alongside you during this exciting launch season, and beyond! You will also be connected in a Facebook group for the Agape Moms leaders across the country, which will be a huge source of encouragement and prayer

When you decide to start Agape Moms Training, please reach out and we will send you our Welcome Email and Pre-Training Checklist. We will setup a weekly time (or 7 calls if you’d rather spread it out) to go over the discussion questions for each training session, talk through your questions, and pray. This is 100% discipleship focused and structured in a way that you can repeat it with those you will disciple as they join your Agape Moms Servant Leadership Team! Agape Moms’ mission is equipping moms to make disciples, as we live on mission in everyday, messy mom-life, and that’s exactly what you can expect from our 6 week training.

2.) Begin praying and asking God to do this work first in and then through you. Begin asking God to give you His heart and burden for those around you who don't know Him. Ask Him who He may be sending you to reach with the good news of Jesus. Is there a specific group, neighborhood, sports team, SAH moms, working women, or school community? Who has He already placed in your life?

3.) Immerse yourself in scripture & equipping resources.

  • First, commit to studying Galatians to foster Gospel DNA and fluency in your heart and life.

  • Pickup a copy of Galatians For You by Tim Keller to enhance your study of Galatians. You’ll read a short section of Galatians, then'll read his commentary on it in the book. It is life changing! Tim Keller says that the Gospel is not just the ABC’s of the faith, it’s the A-Z of our faith, it's the only way we advance in maturity!

  • Pickup a copy of Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt. Galatians For You should be read before Gospel Fluency. The gospel is good news we need to preach to our own hearts again and again everyday, regardless of how long we’ve been walking with Jesus. Gospel Fluency will help you to speak the gospel into the "everyday stuff of life."


These training resources are available for FREE on the Hoopla App if you have a valid library card, in both audio and hard copy versions.

4.) Read The story of Agape Moms so you can gain context for how the original Agape Moms started, how it grew and the various logistic and spiritual challenges you will also likely face. You'll find the story listed next in the drop down menu, as well as the rest of the training series.

5.) One Session, One Week at a Time. As you navigate the “Start An Agape Moms” drop down menu, the intention is for each one to be done one week at a time. If God is calling you to start an Agape Moms, I prayerfully urge you to take your time. Pray. Surrender. Take the small and large steps of faith He's asking you to. There is Scripture, books and other resources that you need to digest with the Spirit's help. I want you to know that many hours, prayers and the trial and error of experience have gong into these thoughtfully and prayerfully curated sessions with the burden to equip others to do this ministry well. However, the bottom line is that Agape Moms is something GOD has to do IN YOU before it is something God can do THROUGH YOU!

My prayer is that you'll trust the process of God birthing a new gospel-community in and through you, and just like having a baby, it takes time. I pray right now against every fear, and every lie the enemy is trying to instill in your heart. God's perfect love casts out fear, especially when it relates to following his call to all of us to make disciples as we are going! (Matthew 28:19). If you've gotten this far in reading this, I believe God is stirring your heart, and if He is, what do you have to lose in starting the training, if God is for us, who can be against us? 

I'm praying for you, and Agape Moms would love nothing more than to link arms with you as we speak the gospel into everyday, messy mom-life!

Because of Jesus, 

Laura DiLeonardi

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Agape Moms began with a small group of women living on mission for Jesus in their local parks. Don’t underestimate the value and power of starting small.