FREE PRINTABLE: A Kids Guide To Repentance

I’m excited to share the progress on our “calming closet hideaway!” We’ve been blessed with a huge under the stairs closet. I love having this space for them to go when they just need to decompress, read, color or calm down! The calming corner kit helps them to first identify their emotion and then they choose a calming tool to help them deal with their big emotions as tiny people. Hopefully this will build a solid foundational of emotional awareness as they grow up.

I also created, and I’m giving away a free printable, a kids guide to repentance, “What do I do when I sin? Repent and bring it to Jesus!” Sometimes kids need to go into this space to calm down but other times they need to take some time in here because they’ve made a bad choice. This printable is a gospel-centered guide to

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Laura DiLeonardi
FREE PRINTABLE: Discovering God’s Word Together With Agape Moms

The Bible is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, and yet tragically, women often rely on watered-down, insta-memes for their source of God’s truth, when they could have the whole package deal! It’s like leaving a gorgeous feast sitting on the table to grab a drive-through meal. Food is food, right? Not exactly. It matters where we get our truth, how it’s harvested, who shares it with us, and that ultimately we establish a self-sustaining relationship with God that has ever deepening roots.

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Laura DiLeonardi
Two Boxes, One Family, Same Mission- Join Us!

These both showed up on my doorstep today, representing two of my Agape Moms families across the country in FL & WA, and they were such a huge encouragement to me after a lot of discouragement lately!

One box was a gift from my original Agape Mamas in FL, you guys made me cry when I opened this signed and framed magazine article of our group featuring the story of how we came to be, all written in my own words taken off the Agape Moms website. What an amazing surprise. I never imagined the burden God gave me for women to experience the gospel implications for all of life and the dream to create a safe space for believing and not-yet believing moms to grow together in Jesus would not just become my local reality, but would snowball across the country and even pop up in Australia. THANK YOU all so much for being part of this story God is writing! I loved seeing God highlight Agape Moms in the news and watch Him continue to expand Agape Moms Tampa Bay! I miss you guys so much.

Next to that box on my doorstep was this box of business cards for my new tribe here in WA, Agape Moms Tehaleh, which is launching on MONDAY

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Agape Moms Tehaleh Launching May 20th!

Agape Moms Tehaleh is 🎉LAUNCHING on Monday, May 20th at 9:30 am at Sprouts Holler Park!🎉Bring your kids, bring your mess, and come hear more about Agape Moms and our summer study, The Gospel Centered Parent by Rose Marie Miller. If you’re tired of doing the mom thing alone and looking for a down to earth community- you’ve found it!

☕️We’ll have the coffee covered! If you’d like to bring a snack to share for our big launch, that would be great! Kids young and old are invited to play alongside us, and interruptions are expected and normalized. Join our tribe where you can #bringyourmess and be pointing back to Jesus in everything!

👋🏼Please RSVP to this launch event and be sure to join our Facebook group to get connected with us going forward

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It Doesn’t Depend on You, but on Your Dependence

I needed this one this morning. There is a beautiful tension in following Jesus, the intersection of chasing God-breathed dreams with our God-given talents, and finding our passion- but not without opposition and the need for God to equip us. When we discover our God-given passion and purpose it’s exciting, but don’t forget (like I do) that we NEED God to fill the gaps, and that He designed us to depend on Him every step of the way, that is why He gave us His Spirit.

It’s a wild ride of

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Women Were The First Preachers of the Gospel

Jesus still calls and equips us to share the good news of Jesus just as He did with the women at the tomb! The power of the gospel rests not on the skills or gender of people, but entirely in the message that Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead!

Let’s take COURAGE from these women who wasted no time after hearing, they immediately believed, and then ran to tell the disciples who did not believe their “idle tale” even though Jesus had risen “just as He said.” When we have the best news ever to share, how can we not do the same?

The gospel isn’t good advice about how to be better, it’s life-altering news that we have been rescued from sin,

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It’s Friday but Sunday is Coming

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming! No matter how dark or hopeless things seem, we have the hope of a living and risen Savior!He has conquered sin and death, restoring and securing our relationship with God- not based on anything we could ever do, but solely on what He did by dying on the cross and rising from the dead. This is the good news of Jesus!

Before we can celebrate Sunday, we have to remember Friday. Let’s feel the weight of the sacrifice and cultivate the gratitude that He died for us.

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Laura DiLeonardiComment
Captivating Kids with Christ on Easter

As a pretty non-crafty mom, I’ve struggled with teaching my kids the Easter story in a tangible way that holds their attention.  I mean, how do we explain, even to adults, what Jesus accomplished on the cross? As moms, we must learn to explain to our children that we celebrate His birth at Christmas because on Easter, he died a gruesome death as a sacrifice for our sins and then rose again, conquering death, and proving He is who He says He is. This is no small task!

Of course Scripture is the best way to teach about God, so reading from a children’s Bible or family Bible seems obvious, but what if are kids aren’t auditory learners?  And even if they are they still probably need the Easter story reinforced in different ways so that it overcomes the distractions of the world.

First things first, we need to take a deep breath and take these things to God in prayer.  He gave us these children as a blessing to us and He designed us to bless them with His Truth and Love.  Ask Him how you can best teach them about the Easter story.

I will share some of the things that have worked for us,

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The Agape Moms Shop is Expanding!

One of the things I’ve been working on lately is expanding the Agape Moms Shop to help grow the many tribes that are popping up across the globe, including my new group which is launching in Bonney Lake, WA on May 20th🎉 When you wear our “bring your mess” mantra, it brings up so many awesome opportunities to share about Agape Moms and the gospel!

Here’s what we have coming very soon after some collaboration with the amazing Agape Moms leaders here in WA & back in FL:

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COMING SOON- Agape Moms Waterloo, Iowa

Please join me in welcoming Tiffany Hall to the Agape Moms Family Network! She started training this week to launch an Agape Moms in her Waterloo, Iowa community. We are so excited to link arms with her for the sake of more women knowing Jesus and how the Gospel impacts all of life! If you’re in Waterloo or know anyone who is, connect with Tiffany to join the launch team. To begin the 7 week training to start your own Agape Moms, visit our website www.AgapeMoms.Online, or message us!

Tiffany and her husband Ryan have lived in Waterloo, Iowa for the last two years, along with their two sweet girls Madelyn, 2.5, and a baby girl due in early July. Tiffany and her husband 

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COMING SOON- Agape Moms Troy, Ohio!

Please join me in welcoming Brittany Kavcsak (@bkavcsak9) to the Agape Moms Family Network! 🎉 She started training this week to launch an Agape Moms in her Troy, Ohio community. We are so excited to link arms with her for the sake of more women knowing Jesus and how the Gospel impacts all of life! If you’re in Troy or know anyone who is, connect with Brittany to join the launch team. To begin the 7 week training to start your own Agape Moms, visit our website www.AgapeMoms.Online, or message us!

Brittany Kavcsak is a former elementary teacher turned stay-at-home-mom to her sweet babies Isabella, 6, Adelaide, 5, JoJo, 2, and Samuel, almost 3 months old. Her and her husband Chris have been married for eight years and are currently living in Troy, Ohio. Her main passions are

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The Holy “No”

Hey mamas! I’m taking a short break from running the Agape Moms blog and socials to focus on what God has placed before me in face to face ministry with Agape Moms, training women to start Agape Moms, other exciting things in the season of preparation and of course my family, which is always #1.

I think it’s important to learn to say “no” to what we need to say no to, in order to say “yes” to what God is calling us to. Lots of times the “no’s” are GOOD things too. I’m learning to make sure the love of God and others, not the fear of man or just desiring to do it all is what motivates my yes and my no.

I wasn’t even going to post this announcement, but then I thought that somebody else might need to hear this too. The holy “no” is an important spiritual discipline. God’s best for us isn’t running so hard in every direction, always needing to do or be more things, this will burn us out and never quench the God-shaped hole that only JESUS can fill, not personal achievement, or never being able to say no.

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Ezer Kenegdo

Happy International Women’s Day! I am cherishing these early years and moments with my girls. Today it was them choosing to match and having a tea party. I love how girly my little ladies are, but also love that their identities aren’t limited to princess parties and outward beauty. The next minute, they were outside adventuring as super heroes in the dirt, and yes, while still in their tutus. #warriorprincesses #ezerkenegdo

When God made the first woman Eve, he called her an “ezer kenegdo” which means “strength corresponding to” man.

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Orphan vs. Daughter

I LOVE this orphan vs. son/daughter chart from one of my favorite group studies “The Gospel Centered Life” by Thune & Walker. I have returned to this often because I realize a lot of my issues & struggles stem from an identity issue- I’m forgetting who I am in Christ. Being adopted into God’s family because of Jesus, something we can never earn or lose, is life altering!

This week as we focus on adoption and the call of the church to take up the cause, I hope you’ll see the gospel connection. We aren’t called to adopt because we should try harder to be better Christians, we’re called to rise to remedy the crisis because it’s a reflection of WHO WE ARE in Christ. When we were far off, desperate and hopeless, Christ swooped down and rescued us!

Dwelling on our new identity in Christ and belonging in God’s family transforms us from the inside out. How about you? Are you operating more out of an orphan or daughter mentality? #rememberwhoyouareinchrist

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Adopted for Life

Agape Moms’ gospel-centered resource recommendation his week is “Adopted for Life” by Russell Moore. This book unpacks the Biblical foundation for adoption, and paints a compelling case for Christians to be the first in line to adopt, since we are adopted in Christ. He also offers practical advice and personal wisdom after two international adoptions. For those considering adoption or wanting to know more how to support the cause as the Body from a Christ-centered lens, this is an excellent resource!

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The Story of Sam

Adoption is messy and beautiful and broken and redemptive.

I am not one of those women who always knew they wanted to adopt someday. Quite honestly, ten years ago I wasn’t even sure I ever even wanted children.

God had a completely different plan. He is responsible for changing all of my plans and used motherhood to bring me to places of sacrifice, unselfishness, and dependance that I never knew could exist within me.

The journey of each of my four babies coming into this world, and into our family, is beautiful and worthy of their own story. But the most spirit changing and soul sanctifying addition to our family has been Samuel. He is my youngest. My only boy. My only child born from the womb of another woman and brought into our family through adoption. The journey to Sam changed all of us for the better. God used each moment in mighty ways, to reveal beautiful truths of His love for me, truths about who I am as His child.

Here is our story of Sam and four major truths I learned through adoption.

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Sons Of God

This week we are talking about adoption, both our adoption in Christ as well as hearing a dear friend Brittany Kavcsak’s adoption story ❤️

As we kick off the week, listen to Tim Keller unpack our key text this morning from one of my favorite books, Galatians For You.

“If we want to understand who a Christian is, and why being a Christian is a privilege, we need to appreciate divine adoption. How does this inheritance come to us? Through the Son, we become God’s children legally (4: 4-5), receiving a new status; and through the Spirit, we become God’s children experientially (v 6-7).

The heart of the Christian life is 3:26: “You are all sons of God”. We already are sons. It is not something we are aiming at; it is not a future attainment. It is something that we have already, in our present state. But this sonship is not a universal given. We are not “children of God” in some general way, 

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Stick to Christ’s Mission, Not American Mega Church Tradition

This is our heartbeat! 🔥 Agape Moms exists to equip moms to make disciples as we live on mission in everyday, messy mom-life.

I can’t stop thinking about this quote, because for a long time I thought that building a church or brand was the same thing as making disciples. I’m so grateful for God’s conviction through his Word and the power to make changes by the Holy Spirit. It’s how Agape Moms was born.

Being a disciple who makes disciples is a lifestyle, not an organization.  

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COMING SOON- Agape Moms Brisbane, Australia!

 Please join me in welcoming Sharon Joseph to the Agape Moms Family Netwoek! She started training this week to launch an Agape Moms in her Brisbane, Australia community. We are so excited to link arms with her from across the globe, for the sake of more women knowing Jesus and how the Gospel impacts all of life! If you’re in Brisbane or know anyone who is, connect with Sharon to join the launch team. To begin the 7 week training to start your own Agape Moms, visit our website www.AgapeMoms.Online, or message us!

Sharon Joseph lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and little boy. She’s currently balancing stay-at-home mum duties and building a brand from scratch - a brand that will share the good news of Jesus through artwork inspired by God's creation. Her favourite moments are when God uses her as an instrument to draw someone closer to Him. When she’s not busy running behind her baby or working on her art, you can find her on a nature walk with her little family, or relaxing on their patio, with a yummy chocolate brownie and a cup of Milo.

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